Is my data secure?
Clearly. Without dwelling on the technical details, your data is protected in independent databases for each company and a back-up is created outside of the company with a specialised service provider.
Can I still view my data if I no longer have a subscription?
Yes, your data is still accessible, even if you are no longer a customer.
What will happen to my data if HiveInvoice goes bankrupt?
Your data is your property and you can retrieve it easily. However, we’re not planning on going anywhere, thank you very much :-)
How is my customers’ data processed?
HiveInvoice guarantees the confidentiality of the encoded data. Your data is not viewed or transmitted.
Can I make a local back-up of my data or back it up on my Cloud server?
You may retrieve your raw data at any time in an Excel file. You may also save your documents in the format of your choice.
Can I integrate existing data files?
Of course! There are different methods for this, which are described in the tutorials on the platform.
Can I export my data to my accountant?
Yes, HiveInvoice facilitates transfers to the most popular accounting software.
Which accounting software is compatible for data transfers?
The list is growing, but currently: Adix and Codabox

Bug – document recovery

What can I do if I accidentally delete important data?
This should not happen normally, as operations of this kind require confirmation. However, if it does occur, our support may be able to help you.
What can I do if my Internet connection is a problem?
Unfortunately, this is the one pre-requisite for using this brilliant tool... You must solve this problem or switch to 3-4-5G.


Can I edit my invoices with my smartphone or tablet?
Yes! The tool can be accessed from any device.
Can I view my documents anywhere?
Yes. Once you have an Internet connection, everything is available!
Can I print a quote from my customer?
Yes. No problem.
Can I deliver a physical invoice?
Yes. You must simply print it in advance.


How many documents may I issue each month?
There are no limits with HiveInvoice. It’s up to you :-)
Who can manage my invoicing online via HiveInvoice?
Any trustworthy person that you can trust to do it. You simply need to create an account for them in the Employees section of your company.
Can I customise my invoices?
Yes. It’s very simple!
Is the tool easy to figure out?
HiveInvoice was designed to set the standard for tools in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. Normally, you would do this as the boss!
Does creating invoices take time?
With HiveInvoice, no! Without HiveInvoice... yes, at times.
Can my secretary create my documents via HiveInvoice?
Yes. You simply need to give them access via the Employees section of your company.

Sending invoices

Can I send my invoices by email only?
Yes. Most users choose this solution.
Can I send my invoices by email and post?
Yes, it’s possible! To do this, print the document you have generated and then send it via post. To send it via email, select email after clicking on Send in the desired document.
Can I choose how I send my invoices?
Of course. You’re the boss!

Usage details

Does my quote automatically become an invoice once it has been accepted?
Yes, in just one click!
Can I charge a deposit?
Yes and you can set the amount. You can also edit an intermediate invoice and a balance invoice.
Can I send credit notes with HiveInvoice?
Yes, and the references for the relevant invoice are automatically integrated :-)
Can I send my documents to several contacts at once?
Yes. No problem. You can generate the document and send it to the appropriate person.

How can my customers pay me?

What payment methods does the tool accommodate?
You decide how you want to be paid. HiveInvoice is prepared for anything. It can be linked to your bank accounts and also allows for the use of a cash register.
Are VCS payments (structured communication) covered?
Can I link HiveInvoice and my bank?
Absolutely; in fact, we advise this if you want to save even more time.
What can I do if some invoices are paid in cash? (sums €3,000)
HiveInvoice allows you to manage a cash register. It is therefore possible to mention the payment of the invoice in question.
I have multiple bank accounts. Can I link them all?
Yes. In fact, most of our customers have multiple accounts. The tool is made for this.

My subscription

How can I benefit from a free lifetime subscription?
HiveInvoice is free for up to 30 documents/year. If you make 30 documents per year for ten years, you will therefore get them free for ten years. Once you exceed 30 documents/year, it becomes a paid subscription and will remain as such.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
The subscription is annual, even if you pay on a monthly basis. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you can do so free of charge on the date on which you joined. If you wish to terminate it during the year, you must pay the balance due until the date on which you joined.
€20 is not very expensive. Is HiveInvoice planning to increase its prices?
No, not at all. On the contrary, we like you, so we’re planning to offer even better value in future! As a result, we may offer you some incredibly useful new features for a few extra euro per month. (you’re free to refuse them, however)
I am forming a new company. Can I manage it from my existing subscription?
No. The subscription is linked to a company number. You must therefore create a new account.


Can I add my logo to documents?
Yes. It’s very easy to do!
Do I have to pay more to add my logo?
Not at all. With HiveInvoice, the price is the price. There are no surprises.
Do I have to pay more to remove the mention of HiveInvoice?
No, there are no surprise charges. Everything is included!
I have general payment conditions. Can I add these easily?
Yes. We advise you to do this in order to protect against unpaid invoices!


Does the tool have a reminder system for payments?
Yes. It’s very simple and effective. Furthermore, you can customise the documents.
Are the payment reminders sent automatically?
Yes, but you can choose to stop them or postpone them.
Can I go beyond reminders if I want to recover my money?
Yes. HiveInvoice provides for amicable and legal debt collection after the final reminder. However, this is not an obligation.
Can I stop the reminder process manually? Can I suspend it?
Yes. You remain in charge of everything!